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Large chopping boards (18"x10"approx)

Large chopping boards (18"x10"approx)

As part of my Christmas crafts collection I am making some festive items to help bring a little nature into your home over the yule period.


I am a big believer in "leave no trace" as a core part of bushcraft and this extends to as much of my life as possible so sustainability plays an important part in items I make and these are very much in-line with that, no plastic, made from local wood and completly biodegradeable


I hope the items have minimal enviormental impact while having maximum asthetic appeal through their tactile feel, their unique nature and by bringing you a little connection with the natural world.

Made from seasoned ash wood these chopping boards are attractive as well as chunky and solid and make wonderful bread boards among other uses and will last years.  Dishwasher safe they just need an occasional oil to keep their lusture.


**If you would like any script or image added to the wood by pyrography please let me know**




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